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The Turning Rooms

I'm at a party in a house that has lots of windows. It's light and airy inside, and the sun outside makes the light seem golden. I overhear some people talking about "The Turning Rooms" which is apparently where I am. I don't know anyone, but everyone is friendly.

There's a really laid-back air to the place, with everyone sitting on the floor and relaxing. I go into the main room. From the windows, you can see down the street, it looks as if it might be San Francisco, although I've never been there. I can hear background music and chatter.

As I try and make my way across the room, I'm suddenly aware of the floor. There is a set of concentric circles laid into the polished wooden floorboards, which are made from intricate gold and silver designs. The outside one is about 3 metres across.

The circles rotate smoothly and silently. Some circles rotate clockwise, others anti-clockwise and at different speeds to each other, although none are moving very quickly. Each circle also varies in width, some wider and others narrower. They alternate between being made of gold and silver, and are beautiful.

There are about half a dozen separate circles, each getting smaller towards the centre, which is roughly 1 metre in diameter. The centre circle is not moving, but has wonderful, intricate patterns within it.

The golden light fills the room and I feel stoned. I'm know that I must cross these circles in the floor, keeping my balance, and get to the other side. There's no reason why I need to do this, more of a feeling that it is expected of me.

The party seems to pause as I get ready to move, and people are watching me to see if I will do it. They are still sitting or leaning against the walls of the room. I feel quite relaxed as I take my first step and feel myself starting to move with the circles.

(c) Kate Rontree 2002