The waking
up of Eric
Timothy Gallagher
Fly Trap
Peter Kenny
You wake up with a hangover in a cheap hotel. So just who did you spend the night with?

You are sixty and have fallen
in love. How do you ensnare your love?  By flirting of course...
Saying Goodbye
Maggie Mountford

Disturbed? If you're not... You
will be by this deceptively
simple cybertale

Registering by Alicia Buller

You're in a car looking out to sea... So why are you having a crisis?
The Sure Thing -
by Matthew Flaming

No Such Thing
Ben A Westwood

A microfiction designed to mess
with your head.
We guarantee you'll never think of a full English breakfast in the same way.

The Turning Rooms
by Kate Rontree
You won't know where to place your feet. These are surreal dreamlike adventures in an uncertain world...
Why I quit drinking

by James Buchanan
A dour and gritty new year's resolution.
Moses DeGriffney

by Anna McCullough
with a story like the Paul Simon song... "the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls..."