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Taking Art to the People
Rod Patterson

Iowa sculptor Rod Patterson sent this fascinating account to AnotherSun...

As I drive around the midwest, I've seen that most people ("the common man"?) really love the figurative art.

Often, people will gather around the truck, looking and asking questions about the art, and then pointing out interesting details to each other.  Most folks do not go to art galleries, nor get a chance to see good classical figurative art on a regular basis.

There is an old gallery saying about sculpture, "It's that stuff you bump into as you are backing up to get a better view of the painting you are looking at".

A lot of folks don't seem to know the old myths, and many of them seem interested in the retelling of the stories.

I am delighted with the early responses to this initiative.

While "on the road", I get a lot of waves, beeping, and thumbs up.
Some folks grab for their cameras and snap photos of the truck and ISIS.

Some stores, and gas stations empty as staff and customers gather around the truck asking about the work.

Some folks flag me down and tell me that they love the work and the concept of taking it "on the road", and ask me about the story of ISIS.

I seem to get the most ebullient comments from women.

Most folks don't get to enjoy good figurative art very often. They get up, go to work, gas up the car, and maybe they'll se a picture of a hamburger on an advertisement, so when I take ISIS out to them, I think they really like it.

The beginnings are modest, one statue bolted to the top of one truck.
The statue had to be aerodynamic, so a reclining sculpture was in order, and he just happened to have ISIS rising from her dream of OSIRIS with the conception of HORUS.

She was a tad heavy for the ribs of the campertop, so some minor engineering, and a little sweat was in order,  and the ribs were reinforced with wood struts and plywood gussets, and she seemed stable enough.

(c) Rod Patterson 2002
Rod Patterson
Has been sculpting for 25 years and has been focusing on the figure for the past 22 years. His favorite classic piece is the laocoon group by Aegesander, Athenodoris, and Polydoris.  He gives a vibrant and dynamic presence to what he refers to as his "Mythofigurative sculptures". He has mastered a difficult art with flare and precision in his desire to capture "just one moment" of a figure in motion.